Lemmon's Oil

Do you want honest information as to why fats are important despite what phobias the media has created? Here is how important: If you do not at least eat one tablespoon of the right essential fats once a day, no matter the diet you follow, no other supplement will nourish you nor will your food digest properly. Everything you do regarding health, exercise or dieting depends on essential fatty acids.

These are not the fats you find in cookies and ice cream. Without healthy essential fatty acids, your entire body will slowly and surely FAIL. Men can't build muscle and women, well, there are several complications. For one, fat loss. Women who do not get essential fats are obvious. Their hips are wider than their shoulders.

Another clue is breast reduction. Women fear losing their breasts. Well, forget about those ads for "breast increasing formulas" like Bloussant and Femex, what you need are essential fatty acids, not a low fat diet. I've never met a woman who eats low fat and doesn't experience degenerative reproductive system disorders (like mising a period).

In fact, men who end up with a low sperm or testosterone count are simply deficient in essential fats. I had a friend 10 years ago who couldn't get his wife pregnant. They blamed smoking. I did too. Nicotine depletes essential fats from inside the body. Without the fats available to produce hormones, he was shooting blanks.

The wife also happened to follow a low fat diet which she felt 'maintained' her womanly figure. After 30 days of taking the essential oil I recommended, she became pregnant and he regained an admirable ego over his manhood. For 10 years, they achieved nothing. He still smoked. She ate low fat. Her breasts flattened. But when they both took the essential fats.... She became pregnant. So, he wasn't impotent? Not by a long shot.

Is it just a coincidence? Not at all, they were both malnourished if anything. Next question... Is your skin dry, blotchy or pale? Worse yet, do you have liver spots or more affectionately, sun spots? Then you need fats... Good fats... No, Evening of Primrose oil isn't even going to come close to solving your troubles. And no, it's not about black currant oil either... I am asking these questions whether you are a women, man, teenager, elderly person, bodybuilder, model...

Have you got acne, stretch marks or are you constipated? You not only need fiber to get the toxins out but clean protein and essential fatty acids... Fats really do affect everything and are probably the single most important nutrient we call "essential" although they only account for 10% of the accepted 100 essential nutrients. This is because EFA's (as they are also known) are responsible for the uptake of those other 90 essential nutrients. Good fat regulates hormones.

Bad fats destroy hormones. Vitamins require fats. Minerals require fats. Even oxygen is dependent of essential fats... We discuss it all in the Book One along with how the liver normally puts excess cholesterol in bile and sends it to the gall bladder. It then is supposed to empty that into the small intestine just below the stomach for excretion. This is a natural process and routine that we must accommodate and assist. If we do not, we experience elevated cholesterol levels. The problem is solved by taking in essential fats.

That is correct. Some fats regulate cholesterol and reverse high blood pressure. Bad fats, like those in snack foods, creamy peanut butter and many health store bought foods, raise your cholesterol. It's a fact. And essential fats do not make you fat. Bad fat does. The body also instantly recognizes essential fats as 'good' for you and puts them to use for healing, body fat burning and muscle growth as soon as you ingest them. Bad fats immediately put you in a bad mood, cause aggression and destroy your appearance.

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